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    Beautiful FLAWS and ALL

    Makeup, bangs, and weight gainers. These were some of the many tools I (Alisha) used to try to distract people from the flaws that I believed made me unattractive. From a young age, I was one of those girls that was skinny as can be, five head for days, and a bad case of acne. Oh and you can’t forget my chubby cheeks. For so many years, I was told that I needed to eat some cornbread, to put some meat on my bones, make proactive my best friend and so many other things to make myself more appealing to the human eye. I began giving into the negativity and tried to cover up any flaw that I believed I possessed. I started caking on makeup to cover up the acne, I cut bangs into my hair so that people could not tell that I had a big forehead, and tried everything in the book to gain weight.

    Embracing my big, beautiful forehead!
    Embracing my big, beautiful forehead!


    Once I turned about 20 years old, I began to realize that all of the “flaws” that I once tried to cover up were characteristics that God blessed me with. And it finally hit me; the tools and techniques that I was using to distract people from who I really was were not enhancing my natural beauty, but taking away from it. I had fooled these people into believing I looked and felt one way, where as deep down, there was another woman inside of me that was finally ready to be free and show the world who the REAL Alisha was. No more was I going to try to match society’s standard of beauty, because quite frankly, it is unobtainable. Perfect skin, perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect everything. But here’s a newsflash, NO ONE IS PERFECT! Yes I have blemishes, yes I have a huge forehead, yes I have chipmunk cheeks and yes I am naturally thin, but you know what, I love that about me now. It did take me a while to realize that I am beautiful just the way I am, but hey, better late than never right?! Now when people joke about my perfect imperfections, I just shrug it off. It no longer bothers me, because I have come to learn to embrace EVERY single characteristic, flaw, perfection, or imperfection about me.

    Who NEEDS makeup? Love the skin your in!
    Who NEEDS makeup? Love the skin your in!


    I shared this with you all today to not only share my experience in dealing with my own flaws and natural beauty, but also to encourage you all to do the same. So many times I hear other men and women negatively comparing themselves to celebrities and whomever else, when instead we should be focusing on ourselves and why we love us. Is it that you have a spunky personality? Unique, eclectic taste? A curvaceous figure? Beautiful, plump lips? A big and bright smile? A positive spin can be put on ANY “flaw”… it is just up to us to make the effort in doing so. Stop living your life trying to look and feel like someone else. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made- so know that we were created with no mistakes. We are all beautiful the way we are! So let’s stop hiding our flaws and start embracing them.

    “People often say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… And I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that YOU are the beholder”-Salma Hayek


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    We will eventually compile the photos received into a post and show the world that it is perfectly okay to be you!

    Hair & Beauty

    Current Natural Hair Products

    Many of you lovely ladies have asked what I (Alisha) use on my hair during this early stage of my natural hair journey. My routines, whether I am washing my hair or styling, are very simple. During my transitioning stage, I learned a lot about my hair texture and realized that my hair does well with little product. Adding too many layers weighs my hair down, and I found myself washing my hair more frequently. So once I big chopped, I found products that work absolutely amazing with my curls and have been using them ever since (I vowed to not become a product junkie lol).

    Here are the current products I use for my hair:

    Trader Joes Nourish Spa Shampoo or Hello Hydration Shampoo
    Trader Joes Nourish Spa Shampoo and Hello Hydration Shampoo


    The Trader Joes Nourish Spa Shampoo does a great job at clarifying my scalp/hair, while the Hello Hydration does a great job at maintaining moisture and removing any product residue. The mood that I am in determines which shampoo I use, but I do make sure to shampoo about once a week.


    Trader Joes Nourish Spa Conditioner, Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner and Hello Hydration Conditioner


    I absolutely loveeee all three of these conditioners. For one, I appreciate a good bargain and love how affordable these products are (~ $4). They also each deliver the same results for me- really great slip for detangling and they all moisturize my hair really well. My curls never feel dry or brittle after conditioning with either of these three.


    Aussie Moist Deep Conditioner
    Aussie Moist Deep Conditioner


    If you have tried this product, then you know how bomb it is. This deep conditioner helps repair dry hair and makes my hair feel like butter (in a good way). It helps to strengthen hair strands as well. It is awesome for providing all types of moisture while leaving my hair manageable to style once rinsed out.


    Eden Bodyworks all natural pudding and curl defining cream
    Eden Bodywork’s all natural pudding and curl defining cream


    I wanted to try something different from the really popular brands (i.e. Shea Moisture since every natural I know uses it lol) and decided to give Eden Bodyworks a try. Both products work amazing together- provide a soft, yet firm hold, defines my curls like crazy and keeps my hair moisturized. Because they both contain Coconut Shea, my hair remains soft, full of body and my hair never feels weighed down.


    Coconut Oil


    Oh and can’t forget about my hand dandy coconut oil… I use this stuff FAITHFULLY. I use the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method and this baby helps seal in moisture.


    Let me know if you have any questions,



    What Am I Wearing?

    Hi lovely ladies:) I just wanted to share with you guys the details of my outfit for the shoot! This look contains bright colors and bold prints, which seems to be a classic trend this season and can be worn by ANYONE! As Alisha and I mentioned in our video, we’re definitely frugal when it comes to fashion and we want to show the world that you can look fabulous on any budget! Btw, all of these items were purchased either on sale or on the clearance rack.


    Floral Printed Hi-Low Dress- $20 @ Nordstrom Rack

    Turquoise Blazer- about $20 @ A’gaci (purchased 2 years ago)

    Black Boots- about $35 @ H&M (during a 30% off sale)

    Dark Green Belt- $3 @ H&M

    Cream & Gold Pendant- $8-$9 @ Nordstrom Rack

    Gold Spiked Necklace- $5 @ Charlotte Russe






    Summer Style ’14

    This outfit was styled by Alyra. We love its versatility! You can rock this on a shopping trip  with your girls or on a date night with your boo. And, best of all, its super inexpensive:) we’ve posted the details for this outfit below. Enjoy ladies!

    • Black Chiffon Dress- $10 (on sale as of 4/22)


    • Floral Satin Nine West Wedges- $49.99


    • Gold Circle Chain belt-$7.93


    •  Blue and Gold Faux Stone Earrings-$6.80


    •  Gold Rim Sunglasses-$7.95


    • Gold Bangle-$4.80


    • Black and White Turban Headwrap- $3.80

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